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Behind the Brand

Hi, I'm Tom! At UPmovement we believe in freedom of mobility for all. Our mission is to help restore the freedom of human mobility in low-income and war-torn countries by providing free orthopaedic care and rehabilitation to amputees in need.

For 32 million amputees across the low-income and war-torn world, freedom of mobility is not an option. Amputees lose limbs to war, landmines, disease and road accidents, with very little options for rehabilitation and care. Prosthetic limbs are an expensive medical device and requires modifications every year. Because of this, families of amputees live significantly below the poverty line.

With UPsocks, together we can restore that freedom of mobility for an amputee who otherwise would not receive rehabilitation and care. We donate 100% of profits to help build prosthetic limbs in low-income countries. Our impact and mission is made possible by partnerships. Our partners include a NYC-based charity that manufactures affordable modular prosthetic limbs.

We also partner with local charities and NGOs on the ground in our target countries (currently Cambodia) that help deliver these prosthetic limbs to amputees in need. We have a for-profit arm that buys and sells socks, and a registered charitable arm that collects donations and disperses profits across the globe.

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