Sonia Orts Nº2

Sonia Orts

Behind the Brand

I have always been Mademoiselle Perfume. My childhood was scented by the joy that flowers' perfume brought to my heart and as a teenager and in my early twenties, my favourite hobby was to guess the perfume that others wore.

I always felt that something was missing in mainstream perfumes. Since I completed my diploma in Spanish Alchemic Aromatherapy qualifying me a natural perfumer, I realised I could smell something others didn’t—the scent of the plant’s soul. Using the art of aromatherapy, along with perfumery’s magic and the ancient wisdom of alchemy, I can squeeze the plants’ soul aroma and bring you a scent that connects and transforms our souls in a way no other smell does.

What I'm doing today is the result of a long journey that started more than 20 years ago (a lady never reveals her age). It is the fruit of years of research, experience, travels, studies and practice resulting in a perfected expertise—with soul.