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Zoom NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks
Zoom NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks
Zoom NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks
Zoom NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks

NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks


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nooan's ankle socks are specially designed so that it won't fall into your shoes when running and hiking.  

We also use highest grade of ZQ merino and possum down which are less than 15 microns.  This will allow you to exercise longer and more comfortable with less rubbing and more protection, with supreme humidity and odour control.

nooan socks are easy to care for. They can be machine washed and tumble dried.  The socks will shrink a bit after tumble drying but won't impact fitting.  It will instantly stretch back to its original size once you wear it!

All of raw materials used in our yarns are ethically, humanely and responsibly sourced by carefully selected suppliers.

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What's the difference between nooan’s sock styles/collections?

The main differences among different collections are the materials used and the thickness of the socks.

In the TEKAPO line, we use possum down only, instead of normal possum fibre. A special technology has been employed to remove the guard hair before yarn spinning, to produce this extreme softness and comfort.

TEKAPO, PIHA and HUKA line have a thicker cushion at the bottom of the feet, which provides extra comfort, warmth and durability. Hence, the socks are heavier and cost more to produce. The difference between TEKAPO and PIHA/HUKA is that TEKAPO line is using possum down while PIHA/HUKA lines are using regular possum fiber. In other words, TEKAPO line is softer and more luxurious.

Both PIHA and HUKA are made from the same materials but the design is slightly different. HUKA has a bit more sporty design and logo on the top while PIHA socks are subtle and logo is situated on the toes.

The differences between PIHA/HUKA line and HAMILTON line is the weight of the socks and double cushioning. HAMILTON line doesn’t have the thicker cushion at the bottom of the feet. It’s single layer and more suitable for chilly but not-so-cold weather. NAPIER is made from the same material as HAMILTON but NAPIER design is up to ankle.

Only made with best natural materials that New Zealand can offer!

Why is Possum fibre is so warm?!
This is because possum fibre has a unique hollow structure which acts as an insulator. This structure is very rare and only Polar bear fur has a similar fibre structure.

Based on independent study, possum fibre is 50% warmer than merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere!

While we are here, it is good to mention that Brush tailed possums are originally from Australia, and they are protected there. The only reason New Zealand offers possum products is because they were wrongly introduced into New Zealand and become a pest, harming the native forests and eco system. All possum fibre nooan uses comes from the pest control program of New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). They are not farmed animals and 100% eco-fur.

Why nooan socks are so SOFT to touch and don’t have the prickly feeling like most wool and possum products:

This is because we only us 15 micron super fine merino wool and de-guard-hair possum down.

These are very fine wool fibres that are silky soft, making them perfect for next-to-skin clothing and suiting.

nooan only uses the very finest fibres from the Super Fine grade.

Furthermore, possum fur has both super fine fibres and strong pointy ones. Special technology is applied to remove ALL pointy fibres to produce possum down which are only 1 micron at the tip. To make a comparison, human hair is about 70 micron!

The benefit of using super fine fibre is not just about feeling soft, it also protects your feet when hiking and exercising.

Why nooan only use ZQ merino and Perino:

Perino recycle all the waste yarn and regenerate it into beautiful new yarn, they also manage the dye-house waste water to make it clean enough to drink

nooan only use merino wool from ZQ certified farms. They believe that healthy sheep naturally produce the best quality fibre; The ZQ program ensures healthy animals by adhering to five basic freedoms:

- Free from thirst
- Free to live naturally
- Free from discomfort
- Free from distress
- Free from disease
- No mulesing

Beyond taking care of the sheep, ZQ merino also launched ZQRX to protect our land and soil.

Why nooan socks can be machine washed and tumble dried:

Common sense is that wool is very delicate and will shrink to a mat and won’t be restored to its original size again. This is caused by the fact the cuticles of the wool fibre will inter-lock and tangle with each other.

The wool which we are using is specially treated to soften the cuticles, hence, they don’t inter-lock. The blending with possum fibre also reduces tangling. This is why nooan can be machine washed and tumble dried. It will shrink a bit after tumble drying, but will stretch back to the original size when worn.

Shipping within New Zealand:
This product is typically delivered within 1-3 business days within New Zealand. For rural addresses, please allow an extra 1-3 days for delivery.

Shipping to Australia:
This product ships from New Zealand. You can generally expect delivery of your item to take between 3-14 business days.

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NAPIER in Bark | Possum + Merino Wool Socks


Behind the Brand


Our story starts from falling in love with NZ premium possum merino yarn for their seductive softness, remarkable warmth and comforts. We also admire all the efforts that the ZQ farmers and the yarn mill put in for sustainability and animal welfare.

We are amazed by how little people know about these amazing New Zealand products, and decided to set up nooan with the ambition to introduce these wonderful natural materials to the world.

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Our Values

Locally made

Made in the same country as the brand is based.

Cruelty free

No animals have been harmed to make the product.

Upcycled & recycled

Reusing discarded objects or materials, or converting waste into reusable material.


Produced without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Minimising environmental impact of products and business processes.


Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature.

Slow production

Designing and creating products that are produced in small or limited quantities, including being handmade or made to order.


Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity.

Sustainable packaging

Thoughtful packaging ensuring a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising waste.

Ethically made
Workers are looked after, have working rights and are empowered. They are paid a living wage and/or fair prices for their products.


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