Grey Galaxy Long Sleeve Romper | Organic Cotton

León & Bird

Behind the Brand

As a proud mum of three, I'm excited to introduce you to León & Bird. A Melbourne run business, we believe that eco-conscious kidswear doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be boring! We believe in colour, in unique prints that are inspired by the magic of imagination. We believe in quality and good workmanship. In ethical manufacturing and sustainability. Above all else - we believe “imagination is the beginning of creation”, and we want to nurture this through our beautiful clothing.

Lion tough, feather soft. León is ‘lion’ in Spanish - a symbol of strength and durability. The bird symbolises the softness, delicacy and organic nature of our fabrics. Together, León & Bird perfectly encapsulates the essence of our brand.

"My vision is to bring you fun and colourful childrenswear that is inspired by the magic of imagination, plus the practical features that make life easier, whilst supporting our people and planet." - Sandra, Melbourne mum of 3 and Founder of León & Bird.

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