Coral Lips Wetsuit leggings 2mm

Gemma Lee

Behind the Brand

I’m Gemma - The face behind Gemma Lee. A Kiwi girl with a big zest for life and a passionate ocean dweller. I am a big dreamer, launching this label to not only bring a splash of joy to the waves, but to also build a beautiful like-minded community of ocean-loving women who bond over our salty stories, our sun streaked hair and ocean perfume.

People and the planet is at the heart of everything I do at Gemma Lee, which is why I have a big focus on ethically and sustainably made. The ocean is my playground, and it gives us all so much life from the air we breathe, to the pure joy it immerses us in.

We are committed to creating beautiful playground suits that have the earth in mind. In every decision made, I am conscious of its environmental impact and I make each decision with respect and love for our playground.

Much love, Gemma Lee xo