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BJ's PJ's

Behind the Brand

Hi, I'm Belinda Jane and my friends call me BJ, I'm a passionate and staunch supporter of ethical and sustainable living so my brand needed to follow the most stringent procedures to ensure we stuck to my ethos. BJ's PJ's was created when I couldn't find what I was looking for amongst the various loungewear and pyjama brands out there.

It is a minefield of crazy cartoons, cats, old fashioned styles and chemical-laden synthetics, not to mention uncomfortable and unflattering! I needed cotton as I have skin sensitivities, I wanted support for my larger and often painful breasts, and I desired something modern and stylish for confidence AND of course, they needed to be comfortable!

So, we created BJ's PJ's with wire-free breast support, premium Australian organic cotton, classic timeless styles and colours, and we have stripped them back (yes, we’ve removed all those bulky and annoying buttons, bows, waistbands, collars, ties etc.) to maximise your comfort and provide you with support where you need it so you can be your most confident comfy and wear them just about anywhere!

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