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Zoom Foaming Body Wash Refill | Two Sachets

Foaming Body Wash Refill | Two Sachets



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Need a top up? You’ve come to the right place. You’ve already got your refillable bottles, so pick your scent and baresop send two more refill sachets of our powder-to-foam Body Wash to your door. 

Choose from:

  • Quangdong & Rosalina scent sachets x2
  • Fingerlime & Sandalwood scent sachets x2

Looking for a foaming body wash bottle? baresop refillable bottles are made of recycled plastic and are made to last forever and are also fully recyclable. Explore their other products to see their kits which include sachets and bottles.

Wanna know more about baresop.? Let us fill you in: 

  • Australia’s first zero-waste liquid hand wash 
  • Gentle formulation to moisturise and cleanse 
  • Locally-sourced ingredients that are good for your skin and kind to the planet 
  • Refillable bottles that are made from recycled Australian waste, and refill sachets designed to be composted at home 

    How to use:

    1. Grab a bottle with a foaming pump and add 300ml of warm water to it.
    2. Tip in the contents of one sachet, close and shake for 30 seconds.
    3. Your hand wash is ready to use!

    This is a plant derived gentle cleanser used in most personal care products.

    This ingredient is found naturally in some food. It’s also made when things like wine, beer and cheese ferment – the good stuff.

    This is a nature identical salt preservative ingredient and approved for use in natural cosmetics.

    This is just the salt from citric acid - which is naturally found in lemons and oranges. Also found in edible food such as yogurt, cheese and wine

    This is the pillar that keeps our powder concentrate foaming soap fresh over a long period of time. Ours is derived from plants

    This is also just another form of salt. Ours is derived from corn. Yes! The sweet kind

    A safe acid found in citrus plants such as lemons and oranges and has a natural cleansing ability. Tough on the bad stuff but gentle on your skin

    A coconut derived preservative booster so you can safely use your hand wash for longer

    This beauty is also found in most toothpastes

    We love Coconut. We took coconut goodness and created a high performing hand wash powder that you love. This is the ingredient that further improves the effectiveness of our waste free hand wash

    Just a tiny bit so we can keep our products waste-free and super concentrated

    This is what makes our hand wash foaming soap smell so good. Just the right amount to give you that gentle and pleasant whiff of essential oil scent.


    This is what makes our hand wash foaming soap smell like fresh Oranges and add additional cleanse to your hands.

    Learn about baresop’s focus on sustainability here.

    baresop was founded with a purpose to find a solution to reduce waste in body and hand products. We are committed to measure how much carbon emission we are reducing from shipping, storing and offering water-less products as well as single use plastic free products. When we find out this number – which should be much less than your liquid soap – baresop work with a carbon reduction organisation to offset our carbon emission.

    Considered ingredients:
    Everything we put in our body affects our health and the environment in which we live, that’s why baresop is obsessive about every single ingredient we put in our products. All our ingredients are plant derived or plant based with added gentle cleansing and moisturising minerals.

    Locally made:
    All baresop products are locally sourced and made in Melbourne Australia – apart from our ocean waste reusable foaming pumps which we could not produce locally.

    Animal welfare:
    baresop are a 100% cruelty free brand and are against testing on Animals at any shape of form. We ask our community to test our formulations and give us feedback to improve our products.

    baresop are committed to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints and do better for the planet by excluding any non-plant-based ingredients in our formulations.

    Considered materials:
    baresop take every opportunity to make it easy for our customers to reduce their footprint. That’s why all our packaging materials are reusable and made from recycled waste and are either recyclable or certified home compostable. All our prints are vegetable inks.

    Shipping within Australia:
    This product is typically delivered within 3-10 business days within Australia. For rural addresses, please allow an extra 1-3 days for delivery.

    Shipping to New Zealand:
    This product is not currently available to ship to New Zealand.

    Prized Life is an online marketplace, connecting you with value driven brands from across Australia & New Zealand. Each brand packages and ships your order direct, from them to you. This means, if you order products from more than one brand you can expect a parcel to arrive from each brand, in the shipping timeframe detailed on each individual product.

    This product is returnable. baresop offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, please email to discuss.

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    Make a positive impact with every purchase

    Foaming Body Wash Refill | Two Sachets


    Behind the Brand


    baresop is on a mission to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles from landfill by 2035 equating to over 50 thousand tonne of carbon emission. Through our innovative personal care products, we can achieve this.

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    Our Values

    Locally made

    Made in the same country as the brand is based.

    Cruelty free

    No animals have been harmed to make the product.

    Upcycled & recycled

    Reusing discarded objects or materials, or converting waste into reusable material.


    Produced without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


    Minimising environmental impact of products and business processes.


    Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature.

    Slow production

    Designing and creating products that are produced in small or limited quantities, including being handmade or made to order.


    Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity.

    Sustainable packaging

    Thoughtful packaging ensuring a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising waste.

    Ethically made
    Workers are looked after, have working rights and are empowered. They are paid a living wage and/or fair prices for their products.


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