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Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life
Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life
Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life
Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life
Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life
Zoom De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant | Deodorant | Avirida | Prized Life

De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant


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We are so excited to bring you "De-Stinkt" - our brand new natural deodorant! This product has been in the works for over a year now, and we're finally convinced that we've created the best natural deodorant out there. With its refreshing bergamot & lime smell, this deodorant is a total winner.

Cocoa butter*, Australian kaolin clay, diatomaceous earth, candelilla wax, camellia oil, coconut oil*, magnesium hydroxide, bergamot essential oil*, lime essential oil*

* denotes certified organic ingredients.

Why we love it:
• Stick form applicator (no touching your armpits!)
• 100% Vegan
• Plastic free
• Won’t stain your clothes or leave oil residue behind
• Australian made & owned
• 1 tree planted
• Cruelty-free
• Palm oil free
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Unisex scent
• Money back guarantee
• Sustainable & compostable packaging made from reclaimed timber
• Beautiful & unique container

More for your money:
At 60 grams, De-Stinkt is double the size of most natural deodorants out there; so more deodorant with less packaging and reordering!

No nasties:
• Sustainable & compostable packaging made from reclaimed timber
• No aluminium
• No artificial fragrances
• No bicarb soda
• No plastic
• No using your fingers to apply
• No sulphates, phthalates or parabens

De-Stinkt is not an antiperspirant:
Antiperspirants are made with aluminium and interfere with your glands to inhibit your body’s natural ability to sweat. Recent studies suggest this practice isn’t the healthiest choice and is known to stain your clothes yellow.
Sweating is normal. De-Stinkt simply kills the bacteria that cause body odour, so you don't smell! Our formulation includes Australian Kaolin Clay and Diatomaceous Earth to help absorb some of the moisture. If you’re switching from an anti-perspirant deodorant, you might find that you go through a little transition phase (without body odour) but with some natural sweating as your body adjusts.
Say goodbye to aluminium-based antiperspirants and hello to De-Stinkt's natural goodness!

About the packaging:
De-Stinkt's packaging is designed & made in our rural NSW factory, from reclaimed timber. We use invasive species or storm-damaged timber that we rescue from local farms before they are burnt on bonfires. We never participate in logging, and we do not import timber from overseas.
The timber stick is free of glue or any artificial lacquers. This means it is 100% compostable. Alternatively, you can return your stick to us to be sterilised and refilled.

Apply to clean and dry skin after showering. To apply, push the deodorant up from the bottom until about 1 mm of product is protruding from the top (if you pushed out too much, press from the top to push it back in). It may be a little hard to push for the first few times. Hold the product against your skin for a few seconds so it can melt. Start from the top of the armpit and apply with a downward motion. Ensure you cover the entire armpit, not just the middle section. Reapply as often as needed and always reapply after swimming, exercising, or showering.

Shipping within Australia:
Avirida orders should be delivered ships orders within 1-2 days and should be delivered within 3-10 business days.

Shipping to New Zealand:
Avirida orders should generally be delivered within 15-20 business days.

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Avirida accepts returns within 30 days of receiving your order. If you need to make a return please email

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De-Stinkt Natural Deodorant


Behind the Brand


Avirida skincare was born out of a desire to have a positive impact on the environment while creating luxurious products that help people feel pampered. We were increasingly aware that the packaging industry is dominated by single-use plastic, and decided to be the change we wish to see in the world. Setting out to produce our own packaging was a big risk, but turning salvaged/storm damaged logs in our local area (and planting a tree for every product sold) is having a positive impact on the earth, and our customers love our organic range.

Try our award-nominated skincare range today, without the environmental impact!

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Our Values

Locally made

Made in the same country as the brand is based.

Cruelty free

No animals have been harmed to make the product.

Upcycled & recycled

Reusing discarded objects or materials, or converting waste into reusable material.


Produced without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Minimising environmental impact of products and business processes.


Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature.

Slow production

Designing and creating products that are produced in small or limited quantities, including being handmade or made to order.


Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity.

Sustainable packaging

Thoughtful packaging ensuring a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising waste.

Ethically made
Workers are looked after, have working rights and are empowered. They are paid a living wage and/or fair prices for their products.


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