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The Prized Life Marketplace

Quality, concious products. All in one place.

Prized Life challenges mainstream buying behaviour by making it easy for shoppers to find and buy products that prioritise quality, sustainable design and empower positive change and impact in our local community.

It's free & easy to join

Become a seller on Prized Life

Join our mission to make it easier than ever for people across Australia & New Zealand to live their values, shop local and support small businesses.

Seamless integration

The Prized Life Marketplace seamlessly integrates with your current e-commerce platform, ensuring a simple, seamless purchase and order fulfilment experience for both you and the buyer.

Our software guarantees inventory, orders, shipping, and customers are kept up-to-date on both your store and Prized Life, instantly.

Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, or Wix store in only 10 minutes.

Celebrating your brand

We are passionate about connecting shoppers with the people and purpose behind each purchase they make.

Telling your Behind the Brand story creates a personal connection and community.

The Prized Life values are identified on each of your products. This makes it easy for users to see the positive impact you are making, prioritising transparency and empowering shoppers to make a difference.

Customisable content

Combining vibrant product listings with technical excellence, we showcase your products at the highest level.

Tell your product story with our customisable layouts, dynamic and engaging content, and a Behind the Brand feature. Choose to sell Trans-Tasman, in both Australia and New Zealand, or keep it local.

Take advantage of multi-buy discounts, unique bundles and more.

Empowering your business to grow & thrive

It's free to join Prized Life

Become a seller this month & enjoy free onboarding + no monthly membership fees for the entire 2022 year!

There's no strings attached, cancel anytime.

From the 1 January 2023, seller fees are only $29 per month incl GST.

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Brand reviews

" You make it really easy to manage another platform.

Your updates are always welcome and you quickly act on any changes that need to be implemented. I think it helps that our business goals and ethics align really well, so working with you is a breeze. "

Aggie Gifts

" YOU LADIES ROCK - simply the best in every way! Your support, skills, encouragement, promotional and marketing assistance, amazing team building and networking, growing Australian and New Zealand brands - you are totally AWESOME!!! "

BJ's PJ's

" The team at Prized Life is incredibly supportive and truly want you as a brand to succeed.

I love that all the brands are completely aligned to the vision of Prized Life. "

Karuna Dawn

" I love how you have made the backend so easy to integrate with our WooCommerce, I can see a lot of thought and planning has gone into setting up the platform. Well done!

It's awesome that shoppers will be able to buy so many great goodies through one website and I really want it to be a hit for you guys. "

Forty Thieves

" The collection looks amazing, I can't believe how much effort has gone into it on your end!

We're thrilled! "

Little Yellow Bird

" Both Helen and Clare are very friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions and helped me throughout the whole process.

It is a great pleasure to join Prized Life. "


" The onboarding experience was super easy. Helen and Clare are really helpful.

Can't wait to see the sales start rolling in! "


" Really professional and so easy to deal with! These guys are so well organised.

I can’t recommend highly enough! "

Hiber-Nation Linen

" I wish my brand was already live, but waiting with great anticipation to be part of what you ladies are doing.

I genuinely adore what you guys are doing! "


" I am thrilled to receive our first order, and impressed it is from Australia!

I love the ambition and vision you have for Prized Life and truly want to see it be a changing force, and also a success for you and your families. "

Kind Face

" Congratulations on creating such a wonderful marketplace, I can't imagine all the time and effort that has gone into this! Creating just one product has been full on so developing an entire marketplace can only be very hectic. "

Lucy Lube

Joining Prized Life is easy

Complete onboarding

It only takes 30 minutes to get your brand started on the Prized Life Marketplace. Build your Behind the Brand feature, connect your products and learn how our partnership works.

We build your collection

Once you've completed your onboarding we will build your product collection for you. We provide a detailed, custom service for every brand joining the Prized Life Marketplace.

Review & approve

Review your collection to check you are happy with the look, feel and content of your Brand's feature, collection and products. Once approved, your products will go live and be available for sale.


Prized Life will be the leading marketplace in Australia & New Zealand for brands with values

Did you know that 48% of online shoppers go straight to a large ecommerce marketplace?

Every year more of that spend is shifting towards local, sustainable and ethical brands. The demand for change is strong. Prized Life is bringing that change to Australia and New Zealand.

Launching in February 2022 we now have 80+ brand partners & 2,300+ products available on Prized Life. To continue our ongoing support for value driven businesses we are offering FREE onboarding + no monthly fees for the entire 2022 year!

Learn about Prized Life

Prized Life is a proud finalist of the 2022 Australia Post Online Retailer Awards for the "Best Community Initiative" after only 3 months since launch

Best Community InitiativeORIAS 2022 Finalist


Your membership includes

✓ Flat commission rate of 15% on sales (12% commission + 3% merchant fees, including GST)

✓ Seamlessly sync with your current e-commerce store, instantly updating your orders, inventory, and shipping

✓ Showcase your product images and values with our modern and personalised design

✓ Sell and promote your products with subscriptions, multi buy discounts, unique bundles, wishlists + more

✓ Tell your Behind the Brand story & celebrate your mission and purpose

✓ Position your products and brand alongside other brands that share your values

✓ Access dedicated ongoing Brand support, personalised for your needs

✓ Join a community of local value driven businesses

✓ Access unique features and ongoing marketing opportunities

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Our values

Locally made

Made in the same country as the brand is based.

Cruelty free

No animals have been harmed to make the product.

Upcycled & recycled

Reusing discarded objects or materials, or converting waste into reusable material.


Produced without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Minimising environmental impact of products and business processes.


Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature.

Slow production

Designing and creating products that are produced in small or limited quantities, including being handmade or made to order.


Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity.

Sustainable packaging

Thoughtful packaging ensuring a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising waste.

Ethically made

Workers are looked after, have working rights and are empowered. They are paid a living wage and/or fair prices for their products.


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