Prized what?

We're here to make it easy for you to live your values.

Prized Life is a community of incredible brands and individuals who are working hard to create products and provide services built on values.

It is our mission to make value driven living the norm by connecting you with value driven brands and products from around Australia & New Zealand.

Founded by Helen & Clare

Prized Life was co-founded by entrepreneurial identical kiwi twins Helen and Clare. Our purpose is to help you live your best life, celebrate community and nurture a connection with your values.

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Behind the Brand

We tell the story behind every brand, connecting you with the people and purpose behind each purchase you make.

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Let's get personal

We're passionate about being transparent, approachable, and down-to-earth. Meeting you wherever you are on your value driven journey, there's no right or wrong and no goal for perfection.

Our values

Brand Warrior

Clare Gallaher

Co-founder Clare is passionate about supporting local businesses to thrive and grow. A Chartered Accountant by trade, she is a small business expert, and technical whiz. Clare is an enthusiastic multi-tasker and avid learner of new things. Actively supported and encouraged by her husband Ben and toddler Aubrey.

Clare's happy place: Camping deep in a national park filled with long hikes, breath taking views, and epic friends for company.

Community Visionary

Helen McLaren

Co-founder Helen is passionate about forming real and meaningful relationships with our brands and community. She is a social expert and creative force. Helen is a coffee and chocolate connoisseur and professional adventurer. Actively supported and encouraged by her husband Hugh and baby Aila.

Helen's happy place: Surfing with friends, skiing through some sweet pow pow, or quite simply sourcing a really, really good coffee.

Let's connect

Our Purpose is Prized Life

Our journey to Prized Life started as we individually became more aware of our values. We wanted to be able to take small steps every day to look after people and the planet.

We began with trying to find brands selling products that matched our values, but it was time consuming. Wishing it was simple and easy to find and connect with brands, we decided to do something about it.

Starting as an online directory, Prized Life was launched in March 2020 just as the global pandemic really hit home. Since then we have been able to genuinely connect with and support hundreds of brands.

We work with brands from both Australia and New Zealand, as these countries are our home and community. At heart we are kiwi twins born and raised in New Zealand, currently both living in the Manawatu. We've spent the last 5 years exploring Australia, and between us we've lived and worked in Cairns, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Mackay, Outback Queensland and Perth.

Join us as we make it easy to lead a value driven life.

What is value driven living?

"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do."

- Elvis Presley

Your values are what is important to you in life. They may be behind the scenes, something you may not have spent much time thinking about. Or, they could be at the forefront of your life, driving your decision making. Wherever you are in your journey, it's important to us that we meet you there. Prized Life is a place to learn, explore and connect with your values.

We make it easy to live your values

Every product on Prized Life makes a difference, whether you choose an item that is locally made, sustainable, natural, ethically made + more.

Shop the largest collection of products from across Australia & New Zealand that put your values first.

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