Prized Life is a comprehensive online directory, providing one place to find ethical and sustainable brands.

Helen and Clare created Prized Life with a mission to help everyday people easily find and choose brands that are better for people and the planet.

We believe that people do care about where their products come from, how they are made and who they are made by.

We believe in a value driven life.

Prized Life makes it possible for everyone, everyday, to live out their values simply by buying from better brands.


Prized Life was started by identical twin sisters from New Zealand, Helen and Clare. Born through an inspiration from, and passion about, purposeful brands and businesses.

A few years ago we both started a journey towards living a more value driven life and realised, through much online searching, how many incredible companies exist out there!

Brands that are prioritising and supporting people and the planet.

However, we were often overwhelmed with how inaccessible and time consuming it could be to make an informed choice on product and brand alternatives. We wished there was a faster and easier way to find a value driven brand for our next pair of shoes, a fresh nail polish colour, a gift for a friend’s new baby, even toilet paper… the list goes on.

So we developed a solution.

Prized Life is a resource for anyone and everyone – it is a way for us to live out our values and to support others to do the same. By encouraging the everyday person in their everyday life to simply be a more conscious consumer.


There are ten core values that are an essential part of our ethical and sustainable framework. To be listed on Prized Life brands must meet a minimum of two values, preferably more, showcasing the qualities of their brand and products.

Users can filter results to find brands that match their personal values.

These values are vital to our mission, as we believe conscious consumers can be created simply by connecting people with information about the brands they are buying.

Prized Life is a positive, encouraging, and inclusive space. We celebrate our brands and journey with our users, creating a supportive and connected community.

Made in the same country as the brand calls home

Materials or ingredients produced without using man-made fertilisers and pesticides

Reusing, recycling or re-purposing discarded materials

Prioritising the environment and its resources

Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature

Handmade, small batches or made-to-order, to reduce consumption

Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity

Packaging that is biodegradable or reusable, and has a reduced environmental impact

Workers are treated and paid fairly, with a safe and empowering work environment