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Playtime for kids

When my twin boys were born I couldn't find any reasonably priced woollen knits, only mass acrylic garments, so I made my own.

After years of knitting for family, friends and neighbours, I was encouraged to put together my favourite patterns and wools and start my own little online shop.

My knitted garments have been lovingly designed and knitted in soft gentle merino wools. My knits are gentle on young sensitive skin and many are machine washable. Explore my range of traditional, modern and trending colours.

- Sharon

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Our Values

Locally made

Made in the same country as the brand is based.

Cruelty free

No animals have been harmed to make the product.

Upcycled & recycled

Reusing discarded objects or materials, or converting waste into reusable material.


Produced without using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Minimising environmental impact of products and business processes.


Ingredients and materials sourced exclusively from nature.

Slow production

Designing and creating products that are produced in small or limited quantities, including being handmade or made to order.


Giving resources or time back to the community, environment or charity.

Sustainable packaging

Thoughtful packaging ensuring a reduced environmental footprint by eliminating or minimising waste.

Ethically made

Workers are looked after, have working rights and are empowered. They are paid a living wage and/or fair prices for their products.


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