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Temperature guide for Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags & sleep sacks

Let's unpack the temperature guide for your baby's best nights sleep using a Billie + Bobbie sleeping bag or sleep sack.

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Temperature guide for Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags & sleep sacks

Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags have a temperature range rather than a TOG rating due to the temperature-regulating properties of Merino Wool. There are a number of factors that should be considered when determining which sleeping bag you should use for your baby such as the clothing your baby is wearing underneath the sleeping bag, the room temperature, and your baby’s health.  The requirements may vary from child to child but this information is provided as a guide.

Follow this handy 2 step guide to ensure your little one remains the ideal temperature all night long:

  1. Determine the temperature of your baby’s sleeping environment. This may vary from day to night, and factor in that the temperature drops during the night.
  2. Use the guide shown below to match the room temperature with the number of layers to dress your baby in underneath their swaddle/sleeping bag. It’s that simple – the Merino Wool has taken the hard work out of it for you!
 Temperature guide - what to dress baby in at night | Prized Life - Billie+Bobbie
Temperature guide clothing layers - what to dress baby in at night | Prized Life - Billie+Bobbie


To check, feel baby’s tummy, which should feel warm.  Don’t worry if baby’s hands and feet feel cool – this is normal.  Dress your baby as you would dress yourself for the temperature of the room – comfortably warm, not too hot, not too cold.

What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ which simply provides a measurement of warmth; the higher the number, the warmer the garment.  You may have noticed that Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags are not TOG rated like most other brands but instead have a temperature guide.  This is because Merino Wool has unique thermo-regulating properties that respond to the environment, keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.  This is also the reason why the "all seasons" sleeping bag is suitable for use throughout the year (effectively the TOG rating changes depending on the external temperature), whereas with TOG rated garments you are most likely to need various weights to cater for different temperatures.


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