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Easy to Use Baby Wrap: Organic, Australian Made, Award Winning

We know there are so many reasons that parents of today are choosing to embrace the long practised tradition of babywearing using a baby wrap.

Organic baby wrap, Australian made, ethically made, easy to use | Prized Life | BabyDink
What is baby carrying?

Keeping your baby close offers many benefits. It is a practical yet nurturing solution for parents and caregivers who have so much to manage through their days. 

Whether it is comfort and closeness. Or convenience and having your hands free to take on the day and other little people, babywearing is increasing in popularity around the world. 

In an ever-changing modern world, the need for simple solutions to support our daily function is huge. 

When we transition into the role of parent, we need tools to enable us to move with confidence into our new state of being. At BabyDink we believe babywearing should be simple and accessible to everyone. 

What baby carrier or wrap do I need?

There are loads of carrier options to choose from. From structured carriers to wrap carriers and everything in between. Each serving its own unique purpose. 

Our purpose is connection through comfort and ease. 

Looking for an organic, ethically made baby wrap that is easy to use? We are excited to introduce you to BabyDink. BabyDink’s pre-wrapped design makes wearing your baby effortless. While also offering peace of mind, knowing that you have baby in correctly every single time you use it.

Simply worn like a top. BabyDink's patented design just slips over your head like a shirt.  You then pop baby in, stretching out the 3 pre-wrapped fabric sections one at a time. Bubs is supported and snug within mere moments. 

BabyDink are fast becoming known as the no-wrap wrap because with BabyDink you achieve the function of a wrap without any complicated techniques and tutorials required. 

Shop BabyDink baby wraps here.

So, how does a BabyDink carrier work?

The front panels of a BabyDink carrier are made from the softest GOTS certified organic cotton yarns, our specialised fabric has been woven with stretch and support built-in. 

Pre-shrunk, it will not sag and provide you and your babies the perfect amount of support and stretch to move around comfortably for hours.

The back panel of fabric is lightweight and breathable organic cotton pique ‚Äď the front and back panels are connected, to make the carrier all one piece.¬†

The signature elasticised hip band anchors your BabyDink in place. Worn low on the hips, it can be adjusted as needed across 3 sizes. 

With no buckles or clips to fasten. You do not need any assistance to use a BabyDink. 

Simply close the Velcro over before popping baby in and your carrier is secured. 

The highest quality elastic provides lower back and hip support, with no knots of fabric to tie anything together. You can even sit down comfortably in your BabyDink ‚Äď making this carrier ideal for travel, or leave it on throughout the day for use as needed.¬†

Need a visual? Check out BabyDink's simple tutorial video here.

BabyDink is a sized carrier - the first of its kind. This is what makes the no wrap-wrap function possible. It's important you wear the right size for your body - you can find our size guide on each BabyDink product page.

By evenly distributing babies weight across the wearer's body, the correct size accommodates the two of you symbiotically and the fabric is tested to ensure it moulds to your body and grows with your baby.

Choose from a range of colours, in two style options.


Pocket (featuring a super handy mobile phone pocket, easily reached while you snuggle your baby):

Looking for a toy baby carrier for your mini me? The DollyDink toy baby carrier is designed to look just like your BabyDink, so you can match together!

Designed for use from birth to 6 months

This is why we are fast becoming known as the Australian Newborn Baby Carrier of choice and earning the reputation of the No-Wrap Wrap. 

It's babywearing, the easy way. 

The BabyDink Difference

Like a baby wrap, but SO much better! It's so easy! Organic, handsfree, babywearing!

Organic baby wrap carrier, made in Australia, BabyDink | Prized Life

No more clips, buckles and confusing wrapping required.

The design is pre-wrapped and simply worn like a top, for the same fit every time.

Simple, Safe & Seriously Comfy

  • 3 simple steps to get baby in and snuggled in mere moments.
  • No tricky tutorials to master.

Buttery Soft & Secure for Baby

  • Designed for use from Birth to Six Months.
  • Seriously supportive & comfy you and your baby.
  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Proudly Made in Australia

  • Sustainably Minded.
  • Small Batch Production - Made in Melbourne¬†

Baby wrap benefits:

  • Bonding with your baby
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Super soft & breathable
  • Handsfree baby wearing
  • Birth to 6 months (approx 8kgs)
  • Unisex
  • Proudly made in Melbourne, Australia

Shop BabyDink baby wraps here.

Organic baby wrap carrier, made in Australia, BabyDink | Prized Life


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