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Choosing a baby sleeping bag & what to dress baby in at night

What is a baby sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag, also called a wearable blanket or sleep sack, is a bag-like garment or covering worn by infants for sleeping. It replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing.

Why use a baby sleeping bag instead of regular sheets and blankets?
  • Safety

Sleeping bags are secure around the neck/armholes which means that they won’t be able to cover your baby’s face while sleeping unlike traditional blankets.

  • Sleep association

The sleeping bag becomes part of the bedtime routine and so your child learns that when the sleeping bag comes out, it’s time for bed!

  • Less waking during the night

They ensure a better night’s sleep for all the family as they can’t be kicked off leading to waking in the night because they are cold.

Why doesn't a baby sleeping bag have sleeves?

This is to aid temperature regulation to ensure safe sleeping and avoid overheating.  We recommend layering garments to ensure your child is perfectly adapted to their environment. The best way to measure your babies temperature is to check behind their neck. So long as their core temperature is okay, it is ok for hands to feel a little cooler.

Do I need any other bedding?

There is no need to use extra sheets or blankets making it a safe-sleep option.  Simply add layers underneath for extra warmth if required.

What is the best baby sleeping bag?

We are excited to share our range of Australian made baby sleeping bags, beautifully made with natural fibres offering the best nights sleep for your little one.

Australian made, mustard merino wool baby sleeping bag | Prized Life | Billie + Bobbie
Introducing Billie + Bobbie

Billie + Bobbie specialises in using Premium Superfine Merino Wool for the design of newborn, infant and toddler swaddles and sleeping bags. They are an Australian made, eco conscious brand producing timeless pieces for the modern family. Their products care for the environment as much as you do for your child through the use of certified organic textiles, Australian Merino Wool, and ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Billie + Bobbie Merino Sleeping Bags are available in two convenient weights, to keep your little one cosy all year round:

  • "All season" (18 - 28°C)
  • Winter (15 - 20°C)

They come in two sizes, so you can enjoy sweet sleep right up until your little one is ready to transition to a big bed:

  • Baby (3 - 24 months)
  • Toddler (2-4 years)

Shop the range here or by product:

Pink merino baby sleeping bag, Australian Made | Prized Life - Billie+Bobbie
Which weight of baby sleeping bag should I buy?

Depending on the climate or region you live in, an "all season" baby sleeping bag could be suitable for all year round. With a temperature rating of 18°C - 28°C and made from merino wool and linen outer, this option will keep your little one snug all year round and are naturally breathable for those warmer summer nights.

If you live in a colder climate or region, or your baby's room can be cooler overnight the "winter" baby sleeping bag will keep your little one snug and help them to sleep longer. Made from 100% Merino Wool fleece lining that is gentle on delicate skin and a certified Organic Cotton outer, it's perfect for cooler seasons and rooms.

Temperature guide and what to dress baby in at night:

Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags have a temperature range rather than a TOG rating due to the temperature-regulating properties of Merino Wool. There are a number of factors that should be considered when determining which sleeping bag you should use for your baby such as the clothing your baby is wearing underneath the sleeping bag, the room temperature, and your baby’s health.  The requirements may vary from child to child but this information is provided as a guide.

Follow this handy 2 step guide to ensure your little one remains the ideal temperature all night long:

  1. Determine the temperature of your baby’s sleeping environment. This may vary from day to night, and factor in that the temperature drops during the night.
  2. Use the guide shown below to match the room temperature with the number of layers to dress your baby in underneath their swaddle/sleeping bag. It’s that simple – the Merino Wool has taken the hard work out of it for you!
 Temperature guide - what to dress baby in at night | Prized Life - Billie+Bobbie
Temperature guide clothing layers - what to dress baby in at night | Prized Life - Billie+Bobbie


To check, feel baby’s tummy, which should feel warm.  Don’t worry if baby’s hands and feet feel cool – this is normal.  Dress your baby as you would dress yourself for the temperature of the room – comfortably warm, not too hot, not too cold.

What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ which simply provides a measurement of warmth; the higher the number, the warmer the garment.  You may have noticed that Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags are not TOG rated like most other brands but instead have a temperature guide.  This is because Merino Wool has unique thermo-regulating properties that respond to the environment, keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.  This is also the reason why the "all seasons" sleeping bag is suitable for use throughout the year (effectively the TOG rating changes depending on the external temperature), whereas with TOG rated garments you are most likely to need various weights to cater for different temperatures.

Are Billie + Bobbie products safe for sleep?

Safety is at the forefront of their mind when designing any Billie + Bobbie product.  All Billie + Bobbie products go through a product safety standard review and where applicable have been tested through an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet Australian standards AS/NZS 1249:2014 for children’s nightwear.  All products are designed for safe sleep following Australian SIDS guidelines.

It is important to select the right style and size sleeping bag for your little one's weight/size and developmental stage.

How many sleeping bags should I have?

We recommend to have two merino sleeping bags, so that you have a spare when one is in the wash (or needed for sleepovers at grandparents etc). Save with these value bundles when you buy two sleeping bags:

Looking for a sleep sack for your baby? Check out these beautiful, sustainable merino sleep sacks:

Searching for the perfect gift for mum and baby? We've got you sorted!


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