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A Sustainable Flip Flop Slide Ethically Made from Natural Rubber


Flipslide is the original natural rubber flip-flop slide; a simple, sustainable alternative to the tired flip-flop.

Created by a Melbourne mum with 10 years experience in the footwear industry and brought to life via crowd-funding. Flipslide takes a step away from fast fashion offering a comfortable, classic design manufactured ethically using natural renewable materials.

Flipslide are kind to the earth, your feet and your wallet.

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Flipslide natural rubber flip flop slides | Prized Life

Flipslide started as a concept; a simple piece of footwear that wouldn’t go in and out of fashion, could be made from natural renewable materials, manufactured in a way to keep waste as low as possible and wouldn’t carry the high price tag that sustainable fashion so often does.

The original natural rubber flip-flop slide, a simple and sustainable alternative to the old flip-flop. With a classic clean 2-strap slide design, they’ll slide in as a core piece of your wardrobe.

Every Flipslide component is made of natural rubber, sustainably sourced from rubber trees. Being a natural, renewable and vegan material, it’s kind to the environment and your feet. It’s waterproof and durable, whilst dense and elastic for a supportive, soft and comfortable fit.

Made from natural rubber with a low waste design

All Flipslide components are made of natural rubber, sustainably tapped from rubber trees in a similar manner as maple syrup is extracted from a maple tree. A single rubber tree can produce around 10kgs of rubber per year and is usually tapped every second day for up to 40 years. This differs to the materials commonly found in flip-flops; synthetic rubber and polyurethane foam, which are both derived from petroleum, damage our environment and clog our oceans. Natural rubber is also waterproof, durable, supportive and better against your skin.

Flipslide's simple design is able to be manufactured using moulds to keep waste to a minimum and, at the end of their life, Flipslides can be recycled with TerraCycle® via their Zero Waste Box™ solution. Once they reach the end of their life, simply send your Flipslides back and Flipslide will have them recycled into new rubber products to love all over again!

Sustainable packaging & carbon neutral postage

Every pair of Flipslides are delivered carbon neutral, the postage bag is made of compostable waste corn and they come in a handy reusable produce bag to encourage the abandonment of single use plastic bags.

Made in Melbourne, Australia

Since Flipslide's founding, they've been steadily working to have Flipslides made in Australia. It cost a small fortune and took far longer than they'd have liked, however, they are now thrilled to offer you the option to wear Made in Melbourne Flipslides.

Is it worth the extra cost? Hell yeah! We've perfected through trial and error and a splash of science our own premium natural rubber that's impossibly strong, yet soft and comfortable to wear straight out of the bag. Accordingly, Made in Melbourne pairs come with a 12 month replacement warranty.

Why natural rubber flip flop slides?

"After 10 years working in footwear design/development in the fast fashion industry, I wanted to create something a bit more ‘slow fashion’ without the impact on the earth that fast fashion has.

Fast fashion encourages consumers to continually buy new pieces and throw out the old. I wanted to create a classic design that wouldn't go out of fashion and could be worn season after season.

Knowing the resources that go into the development and manufacture of these short-lived designs, it was a priority to use a natural and sustainable material with minimal components.

To avoid the waste the industry creates, I needed a simple manufacturing technique that kept waste as low as possible; and,

I wanted to ensure that what I created was accessible to everyone as sustainable products often carry a high price tag.

So I took a step away from fast fashion to create a shoe that is kind to the earth AND still affordable.

Hello Flipslide

This is where the concept for Flipslide was born. We decided to create a shoe with the simplicity of the old flip-flop but with a substantial upgrade.

Flip-flops are affordable and convenient. They’re easy to chuck on and take on holiday, and they can be manufactured with minimal waste using moulds.

They have a bit going for them, however, Flipslide has more."

- Rebecca (Flipslide Founder)

Flipslide natural rubber flip flop slides | Prized Life
Flipslide: A versatile wardrobe piece that won't go out of fashion

Flipslides are super simple, easy to wear and versatile, they basically go with everything.

The classic clean 2-strap slide design will make them a core piece of your wardrobe that won’t go out of fashion.

The straps are carefully positioned for comfort and to fit a wide range of feet. They are securely attached to the sole by twistable plugs allowing the fit to be customised to your foot.

The lack of toe post (the uncomfortable part in between your toes) avoids the blisters as well as the infamous flip-flop blow-outs that leave you stranded on the hot sand. You can also chuck Flipslides on with socks; think cold mornings camping, on your way to yoga or when you’ve just forgotten to put the bins out on a wet night.

Every Flipslide component is made of natural rubber. It's sustainably sourced from rubber trees as opposed to synthetic rubber made from petroleum or the chemical based polyurethane foam you find in cheap flip-flops which is a major ocean pollutant.

Being a natural, renewable material, it’s kind to the environment and your feet. It’s waterproof and durable, whilst dense and elastic for a supportive, soft and comfortable fit.

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Flipslide natural rubber flip flop slides | Prized Life


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