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11 New Ethical & Sustainable Brands You Should Know About

We love introducing our new brands to you, our Prized Life community! We've got 11 incredible ethical and sustainable brands that you should know about.  The line up includes incredible baby essentials, vegan friendly bags & wallets, mineral based makeup, soaps with impact, and  a new range of women's sustainable clothing and shoes + so much more! Explore these incredible brands below.


1. Velvet Heartbeat

Ethically produced vegan handbags and accessories lovingly handmade in New Zealand from the finest cruelty free and plant based materials.

Click here to explore Velvet Heartbeat's collection.

Velvet Heartbeat Collection - Ethically Made Cruelty Free Handbags and Wallets | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Velvet Heartbeat was created in 2017 by Suzie Eggleton, who had spent many years working in the fashion industry and in film costuming. After falling in love with leather accessories, Suzie set out to explore high quality, cruelty-free options that did not contribute to the harsh impact of the fashion industry.

Unsurprisingly, this was a tricky feat. So she began crafting her own label of handbags from upcycled vegan leather and plant-based textiles. Working from the sun room of her Auckland home studio with odd ends of fabric she’d collected over time, Velvet Heartbeat was born.

Velvet Heartbeat Collection - Ethically Made Cruelty Free Handbags and Wallets | Prized Life
2. BabyDink

Newborn baby wraps and carriers made in Australia from organic cotton. No buckles, clips or confusing wrapping process. Introducing handsfree, organic babywearing!

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Click here to explore BabyDink's collection.

BabyDink Organic Baby wraps and carriers made in Australia | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

BabyDink is an Australian newborn carrier, known as the Original ‚ÄėNo-Wrap‚Äô Wrap.

Born from a place of connection and love, BabyDink is designed with simplicity, support, safety & nurturing at its core. BabyDink uses organic cotton and simplifies babywearing for new parents. It is simply put on and worn like a top. This one just happens to fit a little special bundle of love inside. No buckles, clips or confusing wrapping process.

Founded by Australian mum of two Jen Wilson, who first had the idea for BabyDink when she was a new mum over 20 years ago living in Byron Bay.

BabyDink is specifically designed for the first six months of a baby’s life. Making it perfect for kangaroo care, babywearing and skin-to skin contact for even the tiniest little loves from birth. BabyDink is supportive, safe, comfortable and looks good.

BabyDink organic baby carriers and wraps made in Australia | Prized Life


3. Base - soap with impact

Base is an ethical soap maker that creates artisan cleansing products from all natural ingredients. Base is a social enterprise that empowers consumers to affect real change with their buying behaviour. This means that by buying and using base products, you will contribute to a lasting impact on the future of Australian communities.

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Base - soap with impact | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

We are Mick and Lianne, the founders of Base. Base is an Australian-owned and operated Social Enterprise, offering high-quality, natural soap products which will leave you feeling nurtured and refreshed.

Operating from the beautiful country town of Bungendore, NSW, we started Base as a way to contribute to community projects around Australia. By offering high-quality, locally made, natural soap products, and promoting the everyday use of these products, we began our journey towards this worthy cause.

Our handcrafted products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The result is a range that works hard and is gentle on your skin. Base exists to be kind to the environment. Aiming to leave a small footprint, we use all-natural ingredients and source sustainable packaging. All our bar soaps are packaged plastic-free, and we offer refill options for our liquid products.

Base - soap with impact | Prized Life


4. Billie + Bobbie

Award winning merino wool baby sleeping bags and swaddles from newborn to toddler for any season. Plus, the ultimate luxury pregnancy and baby gift sets including a luxury linen kimono robe for mum + a beautiful gift for baby.

Made in Australia with Australian merino & natural materials including 100% linen and organic cotton

Click here to explore Billie + Bobbie's collection.

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Billie + Bobbie merino wool baby sleepings bags | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Billie + Bobbie was founded in 2020 by ex-UK technical designer and mum of two, Debbie Martin, just after her first-born Billie arrived into the world.

"Like most of us new to this parenting gig - sleep didn't come easily in the beginning! From navigating middle of the night nappy changes, to making sure they were not too hot (safe sleep) and not too cold (won't sleep!) - throw eczema into the mix and I knew I needed a solution! I began searching the internet for the 'perfect' sleeping bag. I couldn't find what I was looking for - I knew other mums out there must be feeling the same frustration!

And so Billie + Bobbie was born. Merino Wool was the perfect answer - studies have shown that babies sleeping in Merino slept for longer and had a deeper, more restful sleep, not to mention that it improves eczema symptoms and regulates temperature.

Billie + Bobbie merino wool baby sleeping bags and sleep sacks | Prized Life



One of our long time personal favourites, EVOHE is our go to makeup brand! You'll love their range of natural, luxurious and sustainable skincare. All made in Australia - palm oil free, cruelty free and vegan.

Click here to explore EVOHE's collection.

EVOHE - natural skincare | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

EVOHE is a revolution in natural, luxurious and sustainable skincare! We have been formulating and manufacturing our skincare in-house for over 12 years and were one of the first to have a completely 100% Palm Oil Free skincare range. We are TRULY cruelty-free and vegan! Our skincare is completely natural, right down to the preservation system, which means that there are no chemicals or synthetics found anywhere in our formulations.

Our products are handmade with LOVE in Australia, using all the best available Australian Native Extracts. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure potency and effectiveness. We have no rules and encourage you to use our skincare intuitively. Alongside this, our products have multiple uses for less clutter, wastage and more sustainability.

EVOHE natural skincare Behind the Brand | Prized Life

6. Flipslide

Flipslide is the original natural rubber flip-flop slide; a simple, sustainable alternative to the tired flip-flop. Now made in Australia using a low waste technique. Your everyday essential with an affordable price tag that is kind to the planet and its people.

Click here to explore Flipslide's collection.

Flipslide | Natural Rubber Slide | Sustainable Flip Flop | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Flipslide is the original natural rubber flip-flop slide; a simple, sustainable alternative to the tired flip-flop.

Created by a Melbourne mum with 10 years experience in the footwear industry and brought to life via crowd-funding. Flipslide takes a step away from fast fashion offering a comfortable, classic design manufactured ethically in Melbourne using natural renewable materials.

We are kind to the earth, your feet and your wallet.

Flipslide | Natural Rubber Slide | Sustainable Flip Flop | Prized Life

7. baresop

baresop. is a modern day zero waste personal care startup, that keeps your body clean ‚Äď and your conscience, too. baresop. products are Australian made with plant-derived ingredients, are vegan, palm oil and cruelty-free, and all packaging is made from recycled waste that‚Äôs either recyclable or home compostable.

Click here to explore baresop's collection.

baresop refillable soap | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

baresop is on a mission to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles from landfill by 2035 equating to over 50 thousand tonne of carbon emission. Through our innovative personal care products, we can achieve this.

baresop behind the brand

8. John Mu Collection

Modern, eco-conscious, and sustainable products that you and your little loves will enjoy. Baby clothing and baby essentials in earthy tones brought to you by a¬†MńĀori-Pasifika aiga¬†living on the South Island of Aoteaora, New Zealand.

Click here to explore the John Mu Collection.

John Mu Collection - baby clothing and baby essentials | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Our story began in 2012 when we were re-discovering the world of fast fashion, and the impacts it has on our environment. Over the years we have been sharing our products with our family and friends and thought it would be time for us to share them with the world. Nearly ten years later, we are now customer-facing and are privileged to connect with thousands of customers around the world by sharing our carefully designed and curated pieces.

John Mu Collection is here to make a difference towards general and consumer waste. We are here to do good for our families, our community, and our environment.

We provide long-term pieces that are ethically made and provide the premium natural, and calming aesthetic that we love.We hope that our brand will inspire people to gather, tie, and align their sustainable goals with ours in the fight to end the use of single-use items.

John Mu Collection - baby clothing and baby essentials | Prized Life

9. Luna & Sun the Label

Circular Fashion made for women who believe fashion shouldn't come at the expense of people, animals or the environment. Luna + Sun is designed to provide women with sustainable fashion options that can be worn for life, they are designed to also be pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly.

Click here to explore Luna & Sun the Label's collection.

Luna + Sun sustainable women's fashion | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Luna + Sun is an Australian sustainable label for women. All their garments are made from sustainable fibres such as linen. Their size range goes from size 6 to size 18.

Luna + Sun is also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and all their clothing collections are made in Brisbane.

Luna + Sun sustainable women's clothing made in Australia | Prized Life

10. Xaura

Uniquely made artisan clothing, for the creative & thoughtful women. Every Xaura piece is slowly made, and makers from marginalised communities, namely women, are afforded the opportunity to train and gain independence through work. Mindfully made with natural fabrics and dyes.

Click here to exlpore Xaura the Label's collection.

Xaura the Label - handcrafted women's brand | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

Xaura was started with an intention to showcase my heritage crafts on timeless garments that allows women to express their true self. Each piece has its own unique story from the hand woven fabrics, to hand dyes used.

Growing up I was not able to fit in due to my cultural difference background. Through creating and designing I was able to integrate both sides of my upbringing, my Indian heritage and Western culture, which has given me an avenue to express my own true self.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with artisans of India, which in turn supports them in keeping their unique craft alive. I want to be able to make women feel good about themselves and to encourage them to showcase their individuality through Xaura.

- Kavita

Xaura the Label - handcrafted women's brand | Prized Life

11. The Naturool Co.

Wrap-Seal-Cover-Bake-Heat. The Naturool Co. are a proudly Australian and ethical company. They endeavour to change the way we contribute to our world by reducing plastic waste and encouraging sustainability.

Click here to explore The Naturool Co's collection.

The Naturool Co.: Reusable Cling Wrap Baking Paper | Prized Life

Behind the Brand

The Naturool Co. a proudly Australian company and is genuinely committed to creating eco friendly & innovative solutions to reduce waste, protect our planet & inspire change.

The Naturool Co. was founded by husband & wife team Andrew & Lisa.
'We first started our eco friendly journey after a holiday to Fitzroy Island many years ago, when we saw first hand the devastating effect that plastic pollution was having on our wildlife. We tried to reduce single use plastic items as much as possible, but we couldn't find an alternative to cling wrap that was long lasting, user-friendly, easy to clean, and that would fit all of our crockery and platters. So the idea of reusable cling wrap in a roll, that behaves as cling wrap and baking paper was born!'

We have a passion for our natural environment, and want to protect it, and the health of people, our children and future generations to come.

The Naturool Co.: Reusable Cling Wrap Baking Paper | Prized Life


11 New Ethical & Sustainable Brands You Should Know About | Prized Life


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