Here, your values come first.

Ethical & sustainable marketplace coming soon
to Australia & New Zealand

Our mission

Locally made

Cruelty free

Upcycled & recycled




Slow production


Sustainable packaging

Ethically made

We believe that people care.

About where their products come from,
how they are made & who they are made by.


Prized Life

marketplace will connect you with brands that

prioritise people & the planet

Who was inspired to create the product? Put in the hard work to build the brand? Who mixed the ingredients or hand made the goods? Made sure each and every person in the process was paid & treated fairly?

There's always a face and a story behind every product and service.

Do you like to buy locally made? Looking out for natural & organic products? Enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling from donating to a good cause? Like to know your order will come with sustainable packaging?

Let's introduce you to products & brands that help you change the world.

Prized Life

Can't wait till launch?

Browse 330 brands from Australia,
New Zealand & around the world

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Prized Life is a positive, encouraging, and inclusive space. We celebrate our brands and journey with our users, creating a supportive and connected community.

Our team is passionate about showcasing and connecting your brand & products to our community of conscious consumers.

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